Baby Showers

Looking for Places to Have a Baby Shower or the Best Baby Shower Venues?  

Foundations Parties is the best place for a family friendly baby shower, because the adults can enjoy the shower festivities, while the instructor keeps the children entertained just on the other side of the gym.

Let’s face it–most places to have a baby shower are not generally geared for young children, so it’s always a challenge for the moms with kids to find babysitting so they can attend.  

At Foundations Parties, moms can bring their children and know they are in good hands nearby while enjoying the baby shower.  Moms can see the children playing, so even children who don’t like to be away from mom long will be happy.  We have plenty of space, tables, and chairs for baby shower games and can even assist with child-centered baby shower games for the kids too (pin the pacifier on the baby is a fun one, for example).  


We will also customize the projector screen for you and have lots of music options that we can change throughout the baby shower.  And, if you want to take it up a notch, you can even celebrate with mimosas or champagne.  (Just be sure to get the additional insurance for an event with alcohol.)  


Foundations Parties is definitely one of the best baby shower venues in the Kennesaw/Marietta area, with entertainment for the entire family!

A fun option is to create a photo booth style background and provide fun props with it! This one was really simple–just hanging up different plastic table cloths for the background color.

Get creative! This was a great game for adults. Balloons were pinned to the foam floor, and everyone took turns throwing darts to pop them. They could be numbered for prizes, or contain special messages on paper inside!