Party Options

Customize Your Party Just the Way You Want It! So Many Options!

Why pick Foundations Parties for your Event?

  • Private venue! Only you and your guests, comfortable for 10 to 120 guests
  • “Bring your own anything”­­ your own music, food, cake, balloons, snacks, games, whatever you want!
  • Variety of party areas: gym
  • Lots of party activities including: disc golf, parachute games, gymnastics obstacle course, dance/sports floor
  • Customize your own music and videos on the HD big screen with full use of the audio/visual equipment: surround sound system, plug and play music from your phone or tablet, HD DVD movie projector, and computer connection to play any music or videos from online
  • It’s all indoor, so it’s not dependent on finicky weather

Food Options (bring your own)

  • You have full access to use the warming kitchen, which includes two ovens, a microwave, a double sink, dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer (limited space), and counter space.
  • You and your guests have access to our drink refrigerator, which is stocked with an assortment of drinks (typically sodas, sports drinks, water, flavored water, juice boxes, and chocolate milk). Drinks are $1 each, and you can keep a tally on a clipboard and pay at the end of the party, or guests can pay in cash individually as they want a drink.
  • You can bring your own drinks. There is limited room in the refrigerator, so bring them in a cooler. (Please note, alcohol can be brought for adults, but a separate $200 insurance policy must be purchased prior to the party; inquire for more details).
  • There are two water fountains available.
  • You can have food delivered.
  • Be sure to bring your own plates, napkins, and silverware.

Gymnastics Activity Options (included)

  • Gymnastics equipment (in-ground trampoline, foam pit, spring floor, and horizontal bar) (great for all ages)
  • Gymnastics obstacle course (low balance beam, octagon rollers, trapezoid wedges, and mats) (recommended ages 1­8)

Floor Activity Options (included)

  • 4′ net for kids volleyball or badminton (recommended ages 5­10)
  • Kids soccer goal and soccer balls (recommended ages 2­10)
  • 10 floor scooters (recommended ages 3­8)
  • Floor hockey sticks (recommended ages 5­10)
  • Disc golf with discs and goals (recommended ages 5­12)
  • 2 moveable basketball goals, with adjustable goal height from 6.5′ to 10′, with a 30″ overhang (recommended ages 4­16, with no hanging from the rim), with basketballs
  • Play parachute (recommended ages 1­12)
  • Four square
  • Bean bag toss (you can award prizes or not)
  • Dancing
  • Singing on the mic or karaoke (sign along to karaoke music videos from online, you choose)

Activity Options (bring your own)

  • Feel free to get creative and bring your own activities, like:
  • Have a superhero or princess or cartoon character visit your party
  • Play Twister
  • Break a Pinata (can hang from a basketball goal, bring your own twine to hang it)
  • Cookie decorating
  • Let us know whatever other fun things you think of, and we’ll let you know if it will work.

Rock Wall Options (included)

  • Free climb traverse (horizontal) option (recommended for ages 3 to adult)
    • this is a great way to get people on the wall without waiting, progressing from left to ­right horizontally along the way, under the 10 ft mid­line of the wall, since it does not require any gear, and multiple people can be on the wall at one time. Search google for “traverse climbing wall activities” for some fun game ideas
  • Two 20′ auto­belayed wall climb hook­ups (recommended for ages 4­adult, min. Weight 22 lbs, max weight 330 lbs.)
    • Instructor can not be in charge of any other activities while belayed rocking climbing is open
    • Two people on the wall at a time, with suggested climb time of 5 minutes per person
    • Harnesses and helmets available for all ages, disinfected between each use
    • Industry safest belay system, the Tru­-Blu auto­-belay controls climber decent automatically, whenever the rope tightens

Tables and Chairs (included)

  • 9 folding tables and 120 folding chairs are available for your party use for no extra fee.
  • The folding tables are six feet long and seat 8 people each. We often suggest one table for food, one table for gifts display, and one table for the cake and drinks. Then you have up to six additional tables to use for seating. Typically not everyone will sit and eat at the same time, so you can have more guests than table space, and they can sit in the additional chairs or be mobile.

Decorations (bring your own)

  • The gym is large, so the best way to decorate is to pick a few key areas and focus your decorations there, so it doesn’t get overwhelming. We suggest:
    • Balloons and birthday sign at the front entrance and front doors to welcome and direct guests
    • Disposable plastic tablecloths for each table are a great way to add color, and they make cleanup easier and faster.
    • Table centerpieces
    • Decorative plates and napkins
    • One balloon taped to the top of each chair back (doesn’t have to be helium) is an easy and inexpensive way to add some fun.  (We do not provide helium or balloons so buy your own party-size tank or have them pre-filled before arriving)
    • No confetti or silly string allowed.
    • A slideshow of photos, or fun music videos, playing on the big screen
  • Scotch tape and scissors are available for your use

Audio Visual Equipment (included)

  • 164″ drop down screen with 5000 lumen HD projector
  • 2 wall mounted surround sound speakers
  • Audio jack for quick access to your phone music library
  • Computer connection to screen, great for playing music videos
  • DVD player connection great for playing HD movies (no BluRay)
  • Wireless microphone
  • Pandora for music: you can use our paid account that reduces/eliminates commercials.
  • We recommend choosing your music and video playlists ahead of time and saving them so you don’t have to do that during your party.


  • Hey, even Chucky Cheese serves beer!  
  • Alcohol is permitted at parties for adults over 21.  
  • The Party Host may provide the alcohol, or it can be “bring your own” for guests to provide.
  • Additional insurance is required if alcohol will be brought.  Please see the Party Packages & Pricing page for details.

Setup Clean Up

  • At least 30 minutes of set­up & clean­up time must be calculated into your total facility rental time
  • Instructor will assist with the set-up. Instructor is primarily getting tables & chairs set up, and setting up audio & visual, and setting up with activities; they generally do not have time to assist with decorations, unless you book for an extra 30 minutes of setup time.
  • Instructor will clean up after the party; additional clean­up will be assessed if it can’t be completed within the allotted time (you are welcome to pitch in with the cleaning, but it is not required). Standards parties can be cleaned up within the 30 minutes; parties with large numbers of guests (typically over 40) or messy activities may take longer to clean up.