Kid’s Parties

Here’s just a few things that make our venue one of the best birthday party venues kids can wish for!


It’s the perfect birthday party venue for kids of all ages, but here’s some things that are really great about it for young kids, especially ages three to twelve years old.  It’s so flexible, you can design a party around their favorite things, so they are sure to have a blast!

Does your child like:

  • Dancing to music videos? (check out our 120” HD screen & surround sound!  customize your own playlist with their favorite songs!)
  • Roller skating? (yes, you can skate on the floor–it’s BYOS)
  • Basketball? (2 height-adjustable goals!)
  • Frisbee? (yes, we have mobile disc golf goals!)
  • Gymnastics? (in ground trampoline, bar over foam pit, obstacle courses)
  • Cheer? (the spring floor is perfect for safe tumbling and cheering!)
  • Rock Climbing?  (20’ rock wall with auto-belay harnesses for 5 & up)
  • Sports? (the multi-sport court can be set up with a variety of sports)
  • PE Games? (double dutch jump rope, scooter games, tag, flag football, and more!)
  • Arts & Crafts? (you can designate tables for fun arts & crafts!)
  • Animals & Reptiles? (several mobile petting zoos in the area can be hired to come to our location for your party)
  • Superheroes or Princesses? (many performers can be hired to come to our location for your party)

However, you look at it, Foundations Parties is the best birthday party venue for kids of all ages.  Check out our Party Options page for more info on all the ways you can customize your party package.  

Create your own Photo Booth style background, like this super cute “Hugs & Kisses” one. Or for a super simple one, use different color plastic tablecloths.

Make your birthday theme whatever your child loves! You can choose your decorations and activities to match!

Reptile Guy showing off a lizard while other kids play in foam pit, with Happy Birthday slide on screen and tables ready for cake!