Toddler Parties

Did you search for “Best Place for Toddler Birthday Party?”

You have found the right place!  Foundations Parties is in Kennesaw, convenient to most of Marietta, Acworth, and Powder Springs, and even parts of Atlanta as well.

Here’s just a few things that make our venue the best place for toddler birthday parties:

  • The In-Ground Trampoline:  perfect for babies and toddlers, bouncing alone or with parents and siblings, and exiting safely whenever they are ready, with no height to fall from, since it is in-ground.
  • The Foam Pit: a huge favorite with toddlers–it is only two feet deep, so they won’t get lost in there–and they can jump from the trampoline or the other sides, and it’s only about a one foot “fall” before they hit the foam, so toddlers can jump without fear (and parents can watch without anxiety too).
  • The Spring Floor: a 12′ by 40′ foam floor pad with firm springs underneath, this area is a fantastic play space for toddlers; they can crawl, toddle, or run (and even fall) without problem; it connects to the foam pit for extra fun.
  • The Gym Floor: with lots of space to run around and play games, this is a great area!  Perfect for ball play, parachute play, scooters, and just running around and being a toddler!  

Having a private toddler birthday party at Foundations Parties means that you you don’t have to worry about all the other kids that come with a shared facility.  Often, older kids are too rough with the little ones, and you spend your time trying to make sure your toddler is safe.  At Foundations Parties, you have a private indoor area, so it is only people you invite.  

You can pick the music, and play your child’s favorite Disney songs or Mickey Mouse (or maybe your favorite Classic Rock), and not have to worry about a Today’s Hits playlist that might not be appropriate for your child’s age group.  And with our highly qualified instructors, you can relax and participate in activities only as much as you want to.  Feel free to relax and chat with other parents, or have fun bouncing and playing, whatever works best for you.  

Balloon animals are always a hit!

Fun for all ages!

Obstacle courses on the foam floor are great for toddlers! They can try out their skills, but if they fall, it’s a soft landing. And they can run and jump directly into the foam pit!

Toddlers have so much fun on the gymnastics equipment that is made just for their age!