Party Packages and Pricing

Party Packages and Pricing

Birthday Party & Event Packages

  • When you book a party at Foundations, we are able to create a custom birthday party package to meet your needs, so if the you want to modify something below, let us know.
  • The typical birthday party package is a 3 hour time slot, with 30 minutes included for setup customization of your party, a two hour activity time, and then another 30 minutes at the end for cleanup, with two instructors, for $350 total.
  • Typical party start times are 10:00, 1:00, 4:00, and 7:00.  Please let us know if you would like a different time, or would like to extend your event time.

Pricing for Hourly or Daily Venue Rental

  • For events 5 or more hours long, we offer discounted rates!  Call or email us for a quote.
  • For seminars and conferences that do not require an onsite Parties instructor, full day rental rates range from $300-$400/day.

How to Obtain Additional Insurance to Cover Having Alcohol at a Foundations Parties Event

If alcohol is at the party without this insurance, with or without the approval of the party host, attendees will be fined $500 and required to leave immediately.

Cost: $104.24 for Most Parties

Host Liquor Liability is the coverage for event holders that will have alcohol at the event, but are not selling alcohol. The liability could transfer from the drinker to the host when the drinker shows signs of intoxication and then is served, or is allowed to serve themselves more alcohol. It also protects the event venue from liability.

  • Go to, and enter in the estimated attendance, and then the type of party (most common party type is Birthday Party – No Charge for Admission / Invite Only).  Click “Click to Continue.”
  • In Section 2, “General Liability Coverage Options,” leave all the default options, including General Liability, Host Liquor, $1m coverage, and No Waiver of Subrogation or Auto insurance.
  • In Section 3, “Dates of Coverage,” enter your party event date.
  • In Section 4, “Weather & Disaster Insurance,” skip this section.
  • In Section 5, “Eligibility Questions,” enter a name for your event, and select “NO” for all the questions.
  • Complete Section 6 “Your Name & Address” with your information.
  • On Section 7, “Event Location & Additional Insured” This section is pre-filled out already with companies. Do not make any edits.
  • Complete acknowledgements in Section 8, “Terms & Conditions”
  • Complete payment, and email a copy of the certificate.